We adhere to strict compliance regulations to ensure that each and every transaction is delivered safely and for goodness

The compliance to Regulatory requirements and supporting efforts to combat Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing is a sustained emphasis within the Company, and is directed by the Shareholder(s) and the Senior Management. Through the AML/CTF policy, Redha Al Ansari Exchange wishes to convey its position on AML, CTF and reiterate that the Company shall conduct business operations in total compliance with all applicable Laws, Regulations and worldwide best practices in the area of AML/CTF.

Redha Al Ansari Exchange shall consider the fight against Money Laundering and/or counter Terrorist Financing as a priority for our organization and recognize it as a team effort. Redha Al Ansari Exchange shall support all the regulatory/advisory bodies globally such as FATF, OFAC, UN, EU and the local regulatory authority, namely the Central Bank of the UAE which collectively set and enforce standards for Anti- Money Laundering and counter Terrorist Financing policies and programs.

Redha Al Ansari Exchange shall maintain the highest operating standards to safeguard the interest of all stake holders including customers, shareholders, employees, our business partners and the jurisdiction in which it operates. This shall be accomplished through continual development of staff members, use of advanced technology and Systems that support our efforts to combat Money Laundering and counter Terrorist Financing and other related financial crimes.

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