The best rates and personal care for each remittance

Redha Al Ansari Exchange provides end to end money transfer solutions to the customers. The organization has wide range of remittance solutions and always ensures that it gives the best rates and services to the customers. 

Bank Transfers:

With major bank transfer modes like Telegraphic Transfers, Demand drafts and SWIFT Transfers Redha Al Ansari Exchange promises money transfer to customer's bank accounts at the fastest turnaround time.

Customers just need to approach any of our branches and provide the beneficiary details and required documents as per the regulations of the country; our officials at the branches will help the customers to process the transactions with quality and personal care.

Instant Money Transfer Solutions

By understanding the customer's requirements, Redha Al Ansari Exchange provides different IMT solutions to its customers. Redha Al Ansari Exchange has two instant money transfer solutions, 'Fast Money' and 'Western Union'.

Fast Money-Global:

Fast Money global is an instant money transfer service offered by Redha Al Ansari Exchange with over 65,000 payout agents across the globe. Today, Fast Money is known for its best exchange rates and flexible pricings for its customers and guarantees "Money in Moments" across the globe.

Western Union:

Redha Al Ansari Exchange is one of the principle agents of Western Union in the UAE. Western Union has been operating for over 150 years in the world market and has over 489,000 agent locations worldwide. Millions of people trust Western Union to send and receive money worldwide. Redha Al Ansari Exchange provides all services offered by Western Union across its branches.

Inter UAE Transfers:

Redha Al Ansari Exchange enables its customers to make money transfers inside the UAE through Redha Al Ansari Exchange branches. The beneficiary simply visits any of the Redha Al Ansari Exchange branches with the ID proofs and collect the money.

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