How can I contact Redha AL Ansari Exchange?
You can contact any of our branches easily either by clicking on 'branches network' from our website or by dialling 600541118 from your phone.
Do you have any quick money transfers?
Yes, Redha Al Ansari Exchange has its own instant money transfer solution called 'Fast Money' with over 65,000 agents across the world and the brand is further associated with 'Western Union'. These options will help you to transfer money within minutes to any part of the world.
Is foreign currency available?
Yes, we are one of the largest wholesalers of foreign currencies in the UAE. Being our customer, you can contact any of our branches to buy it.
What are the different methods available to transfer money?
Please find it under ‘our services’ on this website.
How long will it take for the money to reach my bank account if it is remitted through Redha Al Ansari Exchange?
Amount will be credited to your bank account usually the same day. However, it depends on the working hours of different countries.
Why some charges get deducted from the beneficiary when I remit money to the U.S.A & European countries?
Banks in the U.S.A and in the west very often charges for their services. However, please give us a call to understand more about this.
I have more than 200 employees in my company and the salary payments for them need to be done through WPS, can Redha Al Ansari Exchange help me? ?
Yes, we have a service called ‘Yellow Pay’ - the most comprehensive WPS solutions and your employees can withdraw salary through any ATM machines. Please refer to ‘our services’ link on this website or call us on 050-1810945 to know more about this service.
How can I lodge a complaint?
How fast can I get a response if I complaint?
You will get a response within 24 working hours from the time we receive your complaint.
What are the ID cards you accept at your counter?
Emirates ID/Passport /Citizenship Card /UAE Work Permit and UAE Driving License. For any other ID cards please check with our branches before you proceed.
Why do your branches insist for original ID cards for processing a transaction?
The Central Bank of UAE requires us to obtain ID cards from all customers when the value of a transaction is AED 2,000 and above and also requires us to obtain documents for source of funds when the value of a transaction is AED 40,000 and above. Moreover it’s our responsibility to complete the KYC (Know Your Customer) norms before processing a transaction.
Do you have any arrangement to deal with corporate customers?
Yes, we do deal with corporate customers through our specialized Corporate Business Department.
Can I get cash advance against credit card?
Yes, we provide cash advance against VISA and Master cards.
Do you accept telephone bill payments??
Yes, we do accept "du & Etisalat" telephone bill payments. You can make these payments at any of our branches in the UAE.
Can I make my credit card bill payments at your branch?
Yes, we do accept credit card bill payments for many major banks. Please refer to our "strategic partnership" link on this website.
Do you have RTA nol cards available at your branches?
Yes, we are the only exchange company which provides this service. You can buy and reload your nol cards at any of our branches.
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