Redah Al Ansari Exchange participating at the National Career Exhibition in Sharjah.

National Career Exhibition is a dedicated platform that exclusively targets national graduates by offering them job opportunities in the banking and financial sector. Both private and public establishments use the platform to spot the right talent that suits their requirements and at the same time support the government’s efforts to boost Emiratisation.

Redha Al Ansari Exchange is one such organization which supports this movement of the government. Redha Al Ansari Exchange always gives due importance for the career development of the UAE Nationals by giving them training and employment opportunities. They make use of these platforms to recruit the right candidates and bring them up in their career path.

The 16th National Career Exhibition had brought a face to face with thousands of national graduates with right qualifications and aptitude. Redha Al Ansari Exchange is striving hard to provide better career opportunities to the national youth, and is offering ample incentives for young Emiratis seeking to join the labour force. These events give great opportunities to work with the government in boosting the Emiratisation programme and at the same time Redha Al Ansari Exchange has been fully utilising the talented national graduates to power their business.

As the UAE government has declared to have several events to be held to offer opportunities for young Emiratis seeking to join the UAE labour force, Redha Al Ansari Exchange is looking forward to be a part of such events to support and encourage the young UAE talents.

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